Dabu Printing- Explore Rich & Ancient Handicraft Of Rajasthan

Dabu Printing- Explore Rich & Ancient Handicraft Of Rajasthan

One of the most incredible crafts made by hand, Dabu print is a process practiced in many parts of Rajasthan. Uses vibrant colors to make magnificent prints with the help of mud resist.

dabu print making 

Introduction to Dabu Print

A unique design technique of dyeing and printing with distinctive colors and designs to make a traditional wear all the more attractive. “Dabu” basically means “Dabana” in Hindi which means “to press”. Therefore, it’s an art of dipping different shaped and sized mud resistant blocks in natural dyes. Then the blocks are pressed on countless fabrics. Let’s dive into its history!


A sample of Dabu printing is believed to be found in Central Asia. It then moved to Rajasthan, India in the 8th century A.D., which is now a well-known producer of much-loved block print fabric materials. This technique started in Akola, a small village in Chittorgarh district of Rajastha.

    Additionally, one of the very interesting facts about Akola Dabu is the process by which the artisans create the magic. The Akola block printers use pure black Dabu mitti(mud) unlike other parts of Rajasthan, which uses Besan atta mixed Dabu.


    We call the creators of this ancient art as Magicians! 

    The process of Dabu printing is very detailed and quite complicated. It is the sheer talent and devotion of the artisans who provide us such amazing hand looms treasures. Includes multiple stages of washing, dyeing and printing. 

    Step 1: First and foremost, the fabric to be printed is first washed to make it starch and dust-free. 

      washing of dabu printing cloth

      Step 2: Secondly, the wooden blocks are then hand-carved with intricate designs 

      block cutting

      Step 3: Third, next is to prepare mud resist mixture that's made with gum, lime and white chaff. 

      dabu mud mixture

      Step 4: Afterwards, this mixture is applied to the blocks and then dried.

      Step 5

      Following a rigorous lengthy dying process, the blocks are then dipped in fast natural dyes. Absolutely no chemicals are used in the process. 

      dabu blocks dipped in natural dyes

      • Furthermore, the fabric is hand printed using blocks dipped in dyes. Then, it is banged hard on the fabric with the fist on the back of the handle to imprint a good impression. The printing starts from left to right. 

      making of dabu art

      • Lastly, the fabric wash to remove unwanted dye and paste.

      washing extra dye from dabu printing process

      It takes a lot of days to finally get the fabric ready. 

      The end result is beautiful! 

      5 Best Dabu print Outfits

      • Give them a reason to stare! This is one of the best suit sets from Dabu collection. For those who prioritize comfort, this masterpiece has it all. Moreover, without compromising on fashion, it delivers every aspect of beauty. A 3 piece combo set includes a charming red Kurta, straight fit white cotton pants and a dupatta with lace on all edges.

      black and white dabu kurtaplazo

      • Next, is this cotton Sharara set in black and white color. Again, a 3 piece set including a classy and elegant peplum style kurta, very flowy sharara and a dupatta adorned with gota lace work on the edges.

      blue dabu anarkali

      • For all the Indigo lovers, this gorgeous kurta set will win your heart and soul. The intricate design on both kurta and dupatta is an evidence of the hardwork and authenticity of artisans. Represents royalness! It's super light and soft. Isn’t this a wonder in itself? 

      musturd dabu combo suit

      • Wearing clothes is one thing, but wearing art? That’s something exceptional! This fabulous musturb colored Dabu print suit is here to ensure you’re the star in a crowd full of basics. The print and texture of the fabrics used is extremely pleasant.

      pink dabu kurta plazo

      • Last but not the least, is this bright Fuchsia colored A-line kurti set. A traditional ethnic wardrobe is absolutely incomplete without this color. Moreover, combining it with stunning Dabu printing is an icing on the cake. The print on the kurta speaks its own magical language.  It’s charm increased manifolds. 

      India being the pioneer in hand loom creativity, Dabu printing is one such art which retains our craft heritage. And when hard work, sincerity and loyalty is involved, the creation always reaches people. 


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