About Us


A woman of royalty and grace

A popular term used to address the royal women in most of the parts in Rajasthan, ‘Baisa’ is a woman of high esteem and admiration. In all, she is a woman of significance and influence and would be treated with the utmost respect.

Extending this conviction to the modern world, we’ve taken a step ahead to embrace and celebrate womanhood. We are all set to alter the stance of women in today’s world by making them realise who they are - A Baisa!

Whether a woman draped in a saree who runs household chores, a workaholic dressed in a three-piece suite or a contemporary feminist trying to break the rules, all woman are unique and empowered, all are Baisa.

She takes charge.
She lives on her terms.
She’s a rebel.
She is empowered.
She is unique.
She has grace.
She is soft.
She is fierce.
I am Baisa.
She is Baisa!
All women are Baisa!

Baisa Crafts

A Contemporary Lifestyle Movement for the Women of Today

Confidence is what you wear along with your clothing! An integral part of every woman's life is the grace of the clothing they carry. Dressing up nicely not just uplifts the mood but also sets up the energy for the day. Our clothing defines how the day is going to go or the emotions we wish to carry throughout. At Baisacrafts, confidence with that feminine grace is what we ace!

Baisa Crafts is a contemporary chic clothing label that originates from roots of rural India, redefining fashion for the urban. It revives the essence of Indian crafts and prints, integrating the surreal supremacy of the India women of the past blending the contemporary modern women in their attire and give a feeling of belongingness. The unique blend of the latest stylish cuts and the Indian fabric that we grew up wearing, and binding it up with today’s clothing was a tough spot we have bridged.

A beautiful mix of natural dyes, organic fabric and contemporary cuts for the woman of today, we have office-wear, light party-wear and even comfortable home wear, name it and we have it all! The vibrant hues narrate the story of the rich Indian Culture. The ethnic styling in every garment is made to put today’s Indian urban woman in touch with her ethnic roots and to connect with the rich history behind every art form, yet keeping her needs and comfort at the focus. Baisacrafts customizes and creates the limited designer collections to individuality and uniqueness in everyday clothing because we aim to serve you with what you want. It channels modern women’s style, elegance, classiness and attitude with sustainable, conscious and comfortable clothing, accessories and lifestyle products.

Baisa is the reflection of today’s woman of India who is all set to mark her presence in every sphere of her life.
She is confident as she is comfortable in her skin.
She is strong, fearless and celebrates womanhood every day.
She has a voice and doesn’t compromise on her rights.
She is Baisa!
You are a Baisa, feel like one.

Team Baisa

Baisa crafts is the original brainchild of Manju who hails from an interior yet vibrant village from Nagaur District of Rajasthan. Manju grew up amidst the art and culture admiring the zeal and craftsmanship of the women in nearby villages. The thought of these talented artisans from villages remaining unknown and unrewarded for their handicraft, despite huge global demand for these products became a wrecking note to her eventually. The native art dying a slow yet certain death and the artisans having to opt for alternative vocations to keep their finances going in lieu of their immense talent was another unsettling thought too.

Spurred by the talent around her she knew it was her calling.

Well- equipped with her on-the-job learning and experience of working as a partner with a leading wholesale firm for printed fabrics in Jaipur, she has developed a keen understanding of fabric, printing and various other crafts.

Manju envisioned “Baisa Crafts" to give the fortune of empowering the Indian craftsmanship and artisans in the village to get them what they deserve and giving the world a glimpse of the Indian artisans to the World. Taking it to a leading digital platform to source and retail indigenously crafted products across the world, they want Baisacrafts to be the one-stop for the consumers looking for the authentic taste of Rajasthani culture and satiate their fashion desires.