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Baisa Crafts was born after taking inspiration from the name, Baisa. It is not just a term used to describe women of high esteem and admiration in Rajasthan, Baisa is truly an emotion!

This wonderful journey began in the state of Rajasthan, a hub of famous art and crafts like Tie-Dye, Bandhani, Leheriya, Meenakari, Handworks like Gota Patti and not to miss the widely-loved Hand-Block Prints.

One thing that has been constant in this journey was the vision to showcase our rich cultural heritage to the world while enhancing the skills of rural women artisans who bring these timeless traditions to life.

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In today's age of mass production and technology, the originality of traditional craftsmanship is at risk of becoming obsolete. To combat this, we work with artisans in Sanganer and Bagru to keep these crafts alive.

Traditional and ethnic hand-block printing on fabrics has been an integral part of the heritage of Rajasthan.

These techniques involve skilled artisans carving intricate designs onto wooden blocks, which are then dipped in natural dyes and stamped onto the fabric.

At Baisa Crafts, we are dedicated to preserving the art of traditional craftsmanship and each piece in our collection is a testament to the timeless beauty and skill of our artisans. We take pride in using authentic techniques to create the Dabu, Bagru and Hand Block printed collections.

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“Empowering Women While
Enhancing Their Skills”

Manju, the founder of Baisa Crafts, is a native of Nagaur, a small town in Rajasthan. Her beautiful home town is blessed with women who have inherited traditional stitching and knitting techniques from their mothers. However, these women often do not have the opportunity to pursue higher education or find employment in their rural areas.

Moved by their plight, Manju decided to provide opportunities to them and founded Baisa Crafts with the mission of empowering these women and enhancing their skills. She saw an opportunity to provide a safe space for these women to showcase their craftsmanship and earn a livelihood.

Through Baisa Crafts, we have created a platform where women can enhance their skills and contribute to the preservation of traditional handicrafts.


Our Vision and Goals

Giving women strong foundations

At Baisa Crafts, our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between rural and urban women by fulfilling their needs and passions. Our vision is to empower women who have been denied opportunities, by providing them with a platform to enhance their skills.

One of our primary objectives is to preserve traditional crafts by keeping them alive. We aim to ensure that Rajasthan's rich cultural heritage is passed down through generations by providing artisans with employment opportunities. We are determined in helping traditional crafts sustain and enable rural women to become financially independent.

Additionally, we strive to create a sustainable and affordable label for ethnic wear. We believe that traditional clothing should be accessible to everyone, and our efforts are geared towards making high-quality ethnic wear affordable to everyone, without compromising on quality or craftsmanship.

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Our Philosophy

It has been rightly said that self-confidence is the best outfit one can wear! However, many women tend to choose Western Outfits over Ethnic Wear, which is often underestimated and undervalued. At Baisa Crafts, we strive to break this taboo by redefining ethnic wear to meet the standards of heritage, confidence and grace.

Our mission is to create styles that are perfect for every occasion, be it weddings, festivals or everyday wear. Our focus on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail sets us apart from others.

We believe that ethnic wear should be celebrated and appreciated, as it represents the rich cultural heritage of our country. With our creations, we aim to showcase the beauty and elegance of ethnic wear and provide women with the confidence to rock it and own it.

Inspired by traditional Indian craftsmanship and amalgamated with regal grace, Baisa Crafts aims to meet fashion wants and needs.

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