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The wedding season throughout the country calls out to a lot of work, responsibilities, and shopping! Running around doing various chores in gorgeous dresses might be a tiresome task but the bridesmaids do it all. While it may be easier to do the chores, it’s not as easy to choose the perfect outfit for the bridesmaids- the one which does not outshine the bride yet completely matches up with the charm and charisma. Tricky task isn’t it?

Seeking some good looking Indian Bridesmaid Outfits? You have landed at the right place! We know how important it is to choose that perfect dress and for the bride squad to stand out in the wedding! To help you choose the perfect bridesmaid ensemble and make it easier for you- here is a curated list of top 5 attires that are going to match up with the bridesmaid’s charisma.

Gorgeous Maroon Anarkali

Top 5 Indian Bridesmaids Outfits

At the start, these long, sleek, and gorgeous Anarkalis are set to totally steal the attention! They have been a classic since their origin in our culture. Apart from the feminine appearance it gives, it also flatters the body and embodies the charm the bridesmaid carries.
Grab one of these gorgeous Anarkalis and pair them up with hair pasta, anklets, and heavy earrings to get the royal look right off the bat! In addition, dramatic eye makeup with a hint of gold and an accessory like a small clutch looks best with the dress.

Ravishing Saree For Bridesmaid

Top 5 Indian Bridesmaids Outfits

Talking about the perfect choices, how can we forget the evergreen classic? Sarees have the unmatched elegance and are the classic ensemble to wear on a wedding. They can bring out the charm in you in the most appealing and modest way. Moreover, it is the perfect fit for a bridesmaid to rock in the wedding!
In addition, gold jhumkas earrings, rings and bracelets always go well with them. Different earrings can also be tried according to the saree of your choice. For that Indian vibe, apply a bindi and the makeup of your choice and you are all set to turn heads around!

Stunning Sharara

Top 5 Indian Bridesmaids Outfits

Next on the list of Indian Bridesmaid outfits is a Sharara. They carry the grace which is unparalleled and thus makes it one of the best options for a bridesmaid to choose from! Their sober yet flattery design and look really makes the entire look crazy beautiful!
With super long earrings and heels, Shararas are perfect to give you the look of a walking goddess while maintaining the "less is more" classic look!

Ravishing Bridesmaid Lehenga

Top 5 Indian Bridesmaids Outfits

Indian weddings and no mention of lehenga? Impossible right! Lehengas are the first thing that pops up in our mind when we think of a wedding. The eternal favourite- lehengas showcase the gorgeous charm. To add it to, combining it with matching jewellery and accessories, lehengas are just the ultimate option to go with!

Fabulous Suit sets

Top 5 Indian Bridesmaids Outfits

Finally, These amazing suit sets embody the Indian ethnic culture and with the right accessories, they just make the amazing go-to option for any bridesmaid! A really sleek hairdo, heels, and some pretty, heavy earrings or long metallic necklaces and rings the bridesmaid is set to slay the wedding and steal the well-deserved attention!
A best friend's wedding is one such celebration when the bridesmaid is emotionally moved. At the same time, she equally desires to make an influential appearance. Above mentioned Indian Bridesmaid Outfits should always be considered to rock a wedding.