Butti Block Printing - Preserving The Art of Jaipur And Taking It On A Global Level

The Hand Block Printed Butti Design is a special piece of hand-carved art of butties. Especially, formed to make it look much more elegant and sophisticated. Hand Block is a unique artwork of Jaipur in which the blocks are tied and dyed intricately to create the beautiful butti pattern all over the fabric.

Butti Design

Butti design comprises butties in small and large sizes linearly placed throughout the fabric. In addition, this Hand Block Printed Butti Design on any clothing gives a stunning appearance for any day function or festival.

butti design in blue color

The butties pattern over any color base perfectly complements each other. Most importantly, giving out the traditional roots, this handwork gives a beautiful terrain of grace, all that a woman wants.

History of Butti Design Print

The traditional process of butti design printing on textiles, with rich natural colors, has been practiced in Rajasthan for around 500 years. Additionally, block butti printing was introduced to the Jaipur region of Rajasthan by the Chhipa community.

indian butti design printing

While most chippas are still dedicated to keeping prints indigenous to the village alive. Besides this, these patterns were used for hundreds of years for everyday use for local communities. And, until the ’70s when they were replaced by machine-printed, synthetic fabrics. The tiny, stylized floral motifs (butti) and geometrics — usually in indigo blues, madder reds and iron blacks — are quite different from the designs made.

Process of Butti Print

Butti print process of printing is work-intensive and comprised of several stages in preparing the fabric.

Washing the fabric

drying the fabric butti print process

First of all, as the cloth contains starch and dust, it is pre-treated by dipping in water for two to three days.

Drying the fabric 

drying the fabric butti print process

Second of all, the cloth is stretched and spread on the ground for drying depending on the weather conditions.

Placing the fabric on table 

placing the cloth on table for butti design print

Thirdly, on printing-table the dried cloth is spread and fixed with the help of pins. To add to it, marking is done with the help of scale and chalk the areas to be printed, spaces for cutting and stitching.


designing for butti design print process

Before printing on the fabric, the printing paste is spread evenly in the wooden tray and the design is stamp on the cloth.

Butti Print by engraving blocks 

block butti print process

Further, blocks are pressed hard with the fist on the back of the handle to imprint the colour evenly from left to right side. Plus, number of colours used in the design defines the number of blocks to be used. Usually, borders are printed with the large mango butta and variations of the butti designs.

Final Drying 

final drying of fabric in butti print process
Lastly, printed cloth is dried in shade, sunlight and washed in the river to fix the colours in case of pigment dyes.

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