Why cotton sarees are must-haves in your wardrobe - Baisacrafts

Six yards of unstitched flowy grace has always been the charm of the Indian attires. An outfit so subtle, modest yet sensuous, sarees have been a style statement and all-occasion clothing. While all the sarees are standouts in their own ways, cotton sarees have always been favorite in the Indian women folk colony and are one you cannot miss out in your wardrobe, let’s know why! 

Too many to choose 

Whether it is a wedding collection or a mainstream fashion walk, if it’s about sarees no collection goes without a cotton saree! A staple attire among the Indian women due to easy availability and being trendy throughout the season, these sarees are the clothing that women can never get enough of! Coming up with our varied  cotton saree collection Baisacrafts has cotton sarees worthy of drooling for! 

Maintenance is an easy drill 

We know your heart skips a beat at the horror of the mere thought of your favourite sarees getting hampered in any sort. With cotton sarees, the stress is a little less! Cotton sarees can be easily ironed and maintained mostly without the need for regular dry-cleaning. 

Variety that gets you drooling for more

Cotton sarees come with a varied collection of its own!  Cotton silk, mul cotton sarees, hand block printed cotton sarees, tussar silk cotton sarees, mixed cotton sarees and whatnot, a variety so wide you would need a list to remember and a wardrobe to have one from each! 

Ally with your skin

Cotton is a fabric known for its skin-friendly properties. While other fabrics cause irritation and leave your skin in red, cotton is one you can trust your skin with. Baisacrafts cotton sarees make sure that the quality of the fabric intact for the comfy-fashion experience. Cotton sarees- we say YES! 

Wraps your body, flaunts your curves 

The flattering drape of a cotton saree around your curves is a charming delight! While we struggle with the slippery fabrics, tangling them through our fingers and holding them through and craving for a helping hand at the end, cotton sarees are synonymous to eternal bliss. Being fluid yet stiff fabric cotton sarees have been blessed to remain intact and can be easily worn within minutes with practice. 

An absolute charmer, it goes without saying that the cotton sarees are one we must have in our wardrobe.