Save Ruffles for the Valentine’s - Dress to impress - Baisacrafts

Wondering what’s gonna save you without overdoing things for the date night outfit you’ve been waiting for? 

Alert ladies - Ruffles are here for your rescue! Pervade into the world of fashion trends and befriend the ruffles for a playful and dainty look for Valentine's week! Days of love cannot be celebrated without the right fashion and striking the right balance between bold and playful could be a bit tricky. Ruffles come from the 17th century, adapting them from time to time and becoming evergreen in the fashion industry. While the sceptics always thought ruffles had too many frills bringing in the misconceptions of it being too edgy. It’s not the case, ruffle clothing could be delicate, minimal, bold or anything that you like to dress like for the love week! 

Here are a few of Ruffles that could be your Valentine’s Day outfits:


Aster off-shoulder dress

Save Ruffles for the Valentine

Play your sartorial cards here and let your off-shoulder ruffles do the talking! Walk a step further on the threshold of boldness and style yourself in this popping pink attire. Pair it up a blush makeup and high heels to grace it for your date night. Slay the perfect valentine outfit!


Olive Cotton dress

Save Ruffles for the Valentine

Dress like an exemplified “Less is More” idea in this Olive Cotton Dress! A comfy yet stunning attire, this valentine outfit brings out your delicate side in the look with the pastel hues working perfectly for the femme signature. Add intricate statement earrings to win those extra hidden awestruck stares. We can feel the butterflies in your stomach already!


Tulips Tyre dress

Save Ruffles for the Valentine

Long story short, this valentine’s day outfit is for the ones who are not much of enthusiasts but don’t want to feel aloof! Simple and chic-style, the flouncy and flowy dress has a happy-go-lucky vibe of its own. See the eyes locking on your beautiful self as you sit across endowing sheer grace in this attire on your Valentine’s date night. Pair it up with silver oxidised accessories for the absolute Boho look.


Orchids dress

Save Ruffles for the Valentine

Get all the attention to your long neck and striking collar bones in this beautifully crafted Orchids dress. An awe-striking attire for the much-awaited Valentine’s day, this one’s is for the women who want to embrace the feminine jitters and aspire to be on the tranquil side.  Pair it with a no-makeup look, a light lip tint, and pearls for giving a whole new level to your look.


Calendula dress

Save Ruffles for the Valentine

Grab the limelight of any Valentine’s Day party in this steller yellow outfit! Bringing out the “Bold and Beautiful” look, this is the outfit to make his heart skip a beat. Combine it with smoky eyes, enhancing your look with those high heels defining your posture while you walk through. Trust us ladies, he’s not gonna let you go away from his gaze. 

So ladies, which one is your pick among these Valentine’s day outfit? We want all!