Best Selling Maternity Wear from Baisa

In today's world as a customer when you shop you try to buy the most versatile piece of clothing that fits you at every point of time. This is a really helpful and smart thing that people have adapted over time. This habit helps reduce the unnecessary wastage of clothes and helps people in getting comfortable with the idea of smart shopping. As a customer and a smart shopper you should have clothes that would fit you in every shape and size of yours, clothing that are appropriate as maternity wear too. As maternity clothes are crafted in a way that they adapt you with every changing size of yours and are extremely comfortable. 

Let's explore some famous Baisa’s clothing and see if they are appropriate as maternity wear too. 

Holly Hand Block Printed Mul dress

Drop it. Just drop it. Drop the search for the perfect maternity dress because we might have just created one for you. The dress will keep you snug all day. The fit of the dress is so free flowing that it won’t pose a problem for the growing you and your baby. The dress is crafted from mulmul fabric which would feel extremely soft on your skin and will be easy for you to carry. 


Summer pregnancy clothes


Aqua Block Butta Up Down Dress

For days when you feel like doing the bare minimum but still want to feel good. This cotton dress would be extremely lightweight and the cool color of the dress would radiate positive vibes all day. The dress is highlighted with buttis and comes with a free flowing pattern from above the stomach. 

maternity summer wear

Olive Cotton Dress

Who said maternity wear had boring cliche dresses? We understand your concern. We know how frustrating it can get when your size constantly changes and you don’t feel like going out in those same old dresses. This olive cotton dress is the most minimal, lightweight and comfortable dress to carry all day long. You can easily pair this dress with a pair of flats and some earrings. 

Summer pregnancy clothes

Angel Hand Block Printed Muslin Dress

It's the perfect “I don't want to tell anyone yet” dress. This gorgeous dress is crafted in muslin cotton and comes in three tiers to hide that bump effortlessly. The dress is made up of breathable fabric and would allow you to achieve comfort with style. Something that all the expecting mothers out there.

Summer pregnancy clothes, maternity summer wear


Baisa makes sure that you never get disappointed from our clothing range. Whenever you feel low or don't feel like yourself, know that Baisa is always here to cheer you up and make you feel like the best version of yourself. We tried to help you find the perfect dress for the most important phase of your life. A phase in which when you later look at your pictures and would not regret the clothes that you wore because you chose all your clothes from Baisa. Checkout our website to see more of these maternity summer wear and be ready to make this phase the most memorable one.