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Friendship Day

Dressing up well for the special days before Valentine's day can be a huge task. While we tend to try gazillion dresses for the main day aka the D-day, we tentatively keep the Valentine's special week outfits for the last.

Not to worry, we have all your solutions to make his heart drop a beat each time you meet all throughout the week!


Rose Day-

Celebrate the first day of Valentine’s dressed in the color of love - Red! Give your look an Indian tinge paired up with chandbalis or jhumkas and see how his eye’s won’t get off from you. No wonder, every Indian man has a nerve for the Indian outfits.

7 Baisacrafts outfits 7 Days


Propose Day -

This is one of the much-awaited days among the Valentine’s! Be prepped with your Maxi dress and look like a dream come true as it could be your lucky day. It’s a magical moment to capture and you would like to look your best that day when your man gets down on one knee, won’t you?

7 Baisacrafts outfits 7 Days


Chocolate Day - 

Let the sweetness of the third day gleam through your cute little dress. Perfect for an outing together, this dress is one not too dolled up and not too casual, in all strikes the right balance for the look for the Chocolate day. Make sure you carry a tote bag along to carry the loads of chocolates you’ll be lured with for the rest of your day. 

7 Baisacrafts outfits 7 Days


Teddy Day - 

This day is to look all cute and charming! Make him awestruck with your look while you’re dressed gracefully in this tyred pink dress with flip flops to make it easier for you to carry the teddy bear home. You can carry a denim jacket along in case you're planning an evening walk with him. 

7 Baisacrafts outfits 7 Days


Promise Day - 

Promise day is one day of Valentine's week, where you tend to understand the realism in between you both. Look subtle yet alluring in this stellar maxi dress while he looks in your eyes turning into a magical moment throughout. 

7 Baisacrafts outfits 7 Days


Hug day - 

Looking comfy and stylish is the motive of the day! This snuggy kaftan dress is your saviour, making you look so welcoming and irresistible for the warm hugs. Pair this up with your sneakers for a sporty look or regular flip flops for a casual look. 

7 Baisacrafts outfits 7 Days


Kiss Day -

A day before the final day! Ladies, a solid statement dress hides all your mischievous smiles and smirks throughout making you look more appealing than ever.Take it a notch up with some statement earning and dark lipstick, it will certainly make him crave for a peck indeed! 

7 Baisacrafts outfits 7 Days

Voila, the Valentine’s week outfits are all covered! You’re all set for the week now.