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2020 was a fashion quiet year, we all ended up in our comfy PJs and loose T-shirts, but 2021 has raised our bars of expectations. While we’re gushing over online stores thinking what to hoard and what not to, there are certain trends that the trend setting stylists swear by! In case you’re looking for a helping hand to upgrade your wardrobe these will be our hiking gear for our 2021 fashion treatment. We know you’ve been longing to wear all of these!


Polka dots

5 trends that won’t go out fashion in 2021

Polka-dots have always been one of the fashion must-haves in a woman’s wardrobe collection. Whether small, medium or big, intense or scattered polka dots suit every body, every age, in all everyone. Perfect for any season, polka dots have been reinvented each year becoming one evergreen style you cannot get enough of. Referred to as classic designs, polka dots have been the saviour for fashionistas, making them look elegant, playful, poised and whatever they want to be! Ladies, grab wallets and pounce on polka dots, they’re going to be one of the ruling fashion trends in 2021.


Hand Block Prints

5 trends that won’t go out fashion in 2021

With the roaring Vocal for Local, Hand Block  Prints have become the current favourite of the Indian women! Savouring the authentic art of hand block printing, these ensembles have a vintage charm to them making them even more desirable among the women. With various motifs of different shapes, sizes and designs, there is an endless list of prints that can be done on any clothing you desire. Serving the Indian Handicrafts the right buzz it deserves, hand block printing is one growing trend in this year.


Fit and flare

5 trends that won’t go out fashion in 2021

Trust us women, you can’t wait to try this trending style in 2021! Sauntering in the feminine grace, fit and flares make everyone look appealing. Hiding your problem areas and flashing that narrow waist, fit and flares have always made the women drool over the hourglass figure it blesses you with. In case you’re feeling you can’t wear it in the winters, pair them up with demons and leather jackets for an edgy look and wear it along your sports shoes! In case you want an ethnic edge to it, you can add boho jewellery for the desi girl inside. Could it get any better?



5 trends that won’t go out fashion in 2021

Are you one of those who believe in minimalist wardrobe, well solids are your piece of cake! While patterns could be confusing for some, solids give you a statement canvas attire enhancing your look. They make you crave for the unified statement, making you develop a newfound appreciation for them. Dressing up well is an art and if you’re just starting off, make solids your best friend! Not just defining your style, solids also redefine your confidence dressed in these ensembles. 

Pro tip: Make sure you have all the basics in your wardrobe to mix and match for that eye-capturing gaze!


Gota work

5 trends that won’t go out fashion in 2021

A must-have for the festive wardrobe, gota work is one of the ruling fashion trends  in 2021. Embellishing the light-weighted fabrics and giving an edge to the ethnic attires these embroideries are well-suited for weddings and all special occasions. It embraces the age-old mesmerising designs of gota work, bringing the divine Indian-ness  closer to us. Ladies, keep an eye on the glitters and jitters coming through the year and don’t forget to add these to your festive collection! 

Dear ladies, hop on to the stores and explore what fashion trend of 2021 would  you wish to carry!