Baisa For Society

Baisa For Society

Hailing from the rural areas of Rajasthan, Manju was always surrounded by women with the sheer genius talent of handicrafts. Despite being blessed with such abilities and the earning hand in their families, these women were always disregarded as the weaker vessels among their close groups.

The doomsday came with the emergence of Industrialisation which took away their work from them.

Bringing the ray of hope back in the rural craftswomen’s, Baisacrafts has all its attire handcrafted by them. This has not just provided them with work and financial support but also helped them to regain the confidence they had lost. Employment has always been an empowering factor in the life of the women, counting on their being treated as a weaker vessel due to their lack of financial contribution in the family. Not only does this bring their respect in their family but also makes life easier for the next female generation.

At Baisacrafts, we make sure the talent of these women is used to their best and provide the necessary equipment and techniques for the same. Helping them become even better at what they do, we have been running programs to make them aware of the new things and upgrade themselves.

Our major emphasis goes on the human education of the rural craftswomen, making them aware of what is right or wrong. The craftswomen are ignorant of their basic rights which bring them in their vulnerable and conscious self, and we are taking steps to help them get par of them. It is evident that it essential to listen to their voices, build on their strength and to help them attain confidence in what they do. We intend to make this a community of uplifting the women and make them live up to their individual identity.

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